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Airliner Version Codes

Airbus Version CodesBoeing Version CodesMcDonnell Douglas Version Codes
Boeing Customer CodesTristar Version Codes


Airbus Version Codes

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1st digit : version

2nd digit : engine manufacturer :

0 = General Electric
1 = CFM International
2 = Pratt and Whitney
3 = IAE (International Aero Engines)
4 = Rolls Royce
6 = Alliance (for the A380)

3rd digit : engine type (depends on the aircraft model)

-101 = CF6-50C
-103/203 = CF6-50C2
-120/220 = JT9D-59A
-601 = CF6-80C2A1
-603 = CF6-80C2A3
-605 = CF6-80C2A5
-608 = CF6-80C2A8
-620 = JT9D-7R4H1
-622 = PW4158
-203 = CF6-80A3
-204/304 = CF6-80C2A2
-222/322 = JT9D-7R4E1
-308 = CF6-80C2A8
-324 = 4152
-325 = 4156A
-111 = CFM56-5B8/P
-112 = CFM56-5B9/P
-121 = PW6122
-122 = PW6124
-111 = CFM56-5B5/P
-112 = CFM56-5B6/P
-113 = CFM56-5A4
-114 = CFM56-5A5
-115 = CFM56-5B7/P
-131 = IAE V2522-A5
-132 = IAE V2524-A5
-133 = IAE V2527M-A5
-111= CFM56-5A1
-211= CFM56-5A1
-212 = CFM56-5A3
-214 = CFM56-5B4/P or CFM56-5B4/2P
(Thx to Ptrjong)
-215 = CMF56-5B5/P (Thanks to A342)
-216 = CFM56-5B6/P
(Uprated by 300 lb. Thx to RichardPrice, Ptrjong, A342)
-231 = IAEV2500-A1
-232 = IAEV2527-A5
-233 = IAEV2527E-A5
-111 = CFM56-5B1
-112 = CFM56-5B2
-131 = IAEV2530-A5
-211 = CFM56-5B3/P
-212 = CFM56-5B1 or CFM565B1/2
-213 = CFM56-5B2
-231 = IAEV2533-A5
-232 = IAEV2530-A5
-202 = CF6-80E1A4
-203 = CF6-80E1A3
-223/323 = PW4168A
-243/343 = Trent 772-B60
-301 = CF6-80E1A2
-302 = CF6-80E1A4 (thanks to NW)
-321 = PW4164
-322 = PW4168
-341 = Trent 768-60
-342 = Trent 772-60
-343 = Trent 772B-60/C-60 (thanks to Ingo)
-211/311 = CFM56-5C2
-212/312 = CFM56-5C3
-213/313 = CFM56-5C4
-541 = Trent 553-61
-542 = Trent 556A2-61 (Thanks to A342)
-642 = Trent 556-61
-643 = Trent 560A2-61 (Thanks to A342)
-841 = Trent 970-84 or 970B-84.
-842 = Trent 972-84 or 972B-84 (Thanks to A342)
-861 = GP 7270

Note that this nomenclature does NOT apply to early versions of the A300 (versions B1, B2-1C, B2K-3C and B4-2C), all powered by GE CF6-50C2R.

For the A300-600, the nomenclatures B4 (passenger), C4 (combi) and F4 (freighter) are still used.

You will also see the following codes :

CJ = Corporate Jet (A319)
E = Extended range (A319CJ, A330 and A340)
ET = Extended twin (ETOPS, for the A310 only)
F = Freighter
R = Extended range (A300-600)
ST = Super transporter (only A300-600ST "Beluga")

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Boeing 707 and 727 Version Codes

707 Civilian Variants (never built variants in italics)
To retain my sanity, I have only listed the civilian variants. The number of military variants
is still growing as new applications are found for the basic platform.

367-80 Prototype Test Bed. 127'10" length. 130' span. 11' fuselage width. Prototype for both the 707 (civilian) and KC-135 (military) variants and narrower in cross section than both the production lines.
707-120 Basic 145'1" length. 130'10" span. 12'4" inches fuselage width.  P&W JT3C-6 turbojets.
707-320 Stretch 152'11" length. 142'5" span. 12'4" inches fuselage width. P&W JT4A turbojets.
707-220 Reeingined 120 145'1" length. 130'10" span. 12'4" inches fuselage width.  P&W JT4A-3 turbojets.
707-420 Reengined 320 152'11" length. 142'5" span. 12'4" inches fuselage width. RR Conway Mk508 turbofans.
720 Shrink Shorter-range shrink. 136'9" length. 130'10" span. 12'4" fuselage width. P&W JT3C turbojets.
720B Reeingined 720 136'9" length. 130'10" span. 12'4" fuselage width. P&W JT3D turbofans.
707-120B Reengined 120 145'1" length. 130'10" span. 12'4" inches fuselage width.  P&W JT3D turbofans.
707-320B Modified and reengined 320 Increased wing span, modified wing devices, increased MTOW. 152'11" length. 142'8.5" span. 12'4" inches fuselage width. P&W JT3D turbofans.
707-320C Convertible 320 320B with stronger floor and cargo door. Could be used for passengers, cargo, or both. 152'11" length. 142'8.5" span. 12'4" inches fuselage width. P&W JT3D Turbofans.
707-700 Reengined 320C Only one built (converted 320C) to test validity of high-bypass turbofans on the airframe. Cost of conversion to new engines found unjustified for new production aircraft. 152'11" length. 142'8.5" span. 12'4" inches fuselage width. CFG-56 turbofans.
707-520 Reengined 120 Reengined 120 with RR Conway 10 engines.
707-520B 320B stretch 2' stretch of the 320B with JT3D-5A turbofans.
707-620 120 Stretch 10' stretch of the 120 with Bristol 511 engines.
707-720 320 with IGW Increased Gross Weight variant of the 320 with Bristol 511 engines.
707-320-101 320 with enlarged lower lobe 320 with an enlarged lower lobe for passenger seating on a lower deck forward of the wing and more cargo aft of the main gear.
707-520-X Double decker development Double decker with low wings. Length 191'7".
707-520-2X 520-X shrink Double decker with low wings. Shorter than the above.
707-520-X3 Double decker development Double decker with high wings. Length 144'2". Span 142'5".
735 and 738 Swing tail cargo variants 735 had an upward swinging tail and 738 a sideways swinging one. Both enabled cargo loading through the resultant opening.

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727 (never built variants in italics)

727-100 Basic Model Passenger Service
727-100C Convertible Cargo door on left side of front fuse. Passenger/cargo or mixed load possible. Reconfiguration in about two hours.
727-100QC Quick Change Same as 727C but with palletized interior fittings, allowing reconfiguration in less than 30 minutes.
727-100M Military Military version of the 727C with possible roles as Assault, staff and command transport, tanker, medevac and carrier onboard delivery(!)
727-100VIP VIP Executive jet variant
727-200 Stretch Passenger Service. Stretched by 20 feet.
727BJ Business Jet Not an official designation, but widely used. Can refer to both the -100 and the -200
Advanced 727-200 Advanced model Increased take off weight. Higher thrust engines. 50% greater range. Lower noise signature, This was the standard version after 1972.
727-200F Freighter Pure freighter version.
727UDF UnDucted Fan Not an official designation. Test bed for the GE UDF programme
727-300 Further Stretch 220 inch stretch of the -200 for passenger service with modified wing, bogie main gear and wide fan engines. Cancelled in favor of the 757.
727-100QF Quiet Freighter Not an official designation. UPS reengined variant of the -100.

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McDonnell Douglas Version Codes

DC-9 Variants (never built variants in italics) (Many thanks to "SlamClick" and "Oceansworld")

McDonnell Douglas nomenclature referred to aircraft families within a type as "Series". For example, "Series 10". Within the series were specific versions.

DC-9-11 Series 10, Initial production JT8D-1 then also JT8D-1A/-1B/-5/-7/-7A/-7B/-9/-11/-17, MGTOW 77,700lb (later to 85,700lb); all converted to -14.
DC-9-12 Series 10 JT8D-5, later -1/-7, MGTOW 79,500lb, later 85,700lb; all converted to -14
DC-9-13 Series 10 JT8D-5, later -1/-7, MGTOW 85,700lb; none built
DC-9-14 Series 10 JT8D-5, later -1/-7, MGTOW 87,500lb, later 90,700lb
DC-9-14 (F) Series 10. Conversion. Freighter conversion of -14 with Side Cargo Door
DC-9-15 Series 10 JT8D-1, later -7, MGTOW 90,700
DC-9-15 (F) Series 10, Conversion Feeighter conversion of -15 with Side Cargo Door
DC-9-15F Series 10 Freighter with SCD; JT8D-7, MGTOW 90,700lb
DC-9-15F (MC) Series 10 Minimum Change (DAC: -15MC), -15F with folding seats
DC-9-15F (RC) Series 10 Rapid Change (DAC: -15RC), -15F with seats on pallets
DC-9-21 Series 20 Special version for SAS with Series 10 fuselage and Series 30 wings.
DC-9-31 Series 30 Stretched and rewinged. originally JT8D-9-powered and MTOW 121,000lb; later JT8D-15 or -17.
DC-9-32 Series 30 Originally JT8D-7-powered and MTOW 108,000lb; later JT8D-9, -15 (15,500lb) or -17 and MTOW 110,000lb.
DC-9-32CF Series 30 Same MGTOW as -32 and powered by either JT8D-9 or -11.
DC-9-32AF Series 30 Probably same specs as -32CF.
DC-9-33 Series 30 Originally JT8D-9-powered with MTOW 114,000lb; later JT8D-11 (15,000lb).
DC-9-34 Series 30 Originally JT8D-9-powered withMTOW 121,000lb; later JT8D-15 or -17.
DC-9-41 Series 40 Further stretch.
DC-9-51 Series 50 Final stretch of the "original" DC-9
DC-9-81 (MD-81) Series 80, Initial production Relaunched and revamped DC-9. Stretched. JT8D-217C
DC-9-82 (MD-82) Series 80 Development of the -81 with higher MTOW and longer range. JT8D-217C or JT8D-219
DC-9-83 (MD-83) Series 80 Final development of the Series 80 with further increased MTOW and longer range. JT8D-219
DC-9-87 (MD-87) Series 80 Shrink of the Series 80. JT8D-217C
MD-88   Custom build for Delta with the Series 80 fuselage and wings coupled with the MD-90 avionics.
MD-90-30   The last McD airliner. A further development of the DC-9.
Boeing 717   Originated in the MD-95 program but completely revamped after the Boeing acquisition of McD.

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Boeing Customer Codes

01 Piedmont
02 Northern Consolidated / Wien Air Alaska
03 Caribair
04 Britannia Airways
05 Braathens SAFE
06 K.L.M - Royal Dutch Airlines
07 Luftwaffe / West German Air Force
08 Icelandair
09 China Airlines
10 Wien Colsolidated / Wien Air Alaska
11 Wardair
12 M.S.A / Singapore Airlines
13 Ariana - Afghan Airlines
14 Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA)
15 Lake Central
16 LAN Chile
17 CP Air / Canadian International
18 B.E.A
19 NZ National Airways Corp / Air New Zealand
20 Boeing
21 Pan American World Airways
22 United Air Lines
23 American Airlines
24 Continental Airlines
25 Eastern Airlines
27 Braniff Airways
28 Air France
30 Lufthansa
31 T.W.A
32 Delta Air Lines
33 Air Canada
34 Transair Sweden
35 National Airlines
36 B.O.A.C / British Airways
37 Air India
38 Qantas
39 Cubana
40 Pakistan International Airlines
41 Varig
42 Nordair
43 Alitalia
44 South African Airways
45 Seaboard World Airlines
46 Japan Air Lines
47 Western Air Lines
48 Aer Lingus
49 Flying Tiger Line
50 Trek Airways
51 Northwest Airlines
53 United States Air Force
54 Mohawk Airlines
55 Executive Jet Aviation
56 Iberia
57 Swissair
58 El Al
59 Avianca
60 Ethopian Airlines
61 F.A.A
62 Pacific Northern
63 Ghana Airways (ntu) / Faucett
64 Mexicana
65 British Eagle
66 United Arab Airlines / Egyptair
67 Cathay Pacific Airways
68 Saudia / Saudi Arabian Airlines
69 Kuwait Airways
70 Iraqi Airways
71 Trans International / Transamerica
72 Airlift International
73 World Airways
74 Iraqi Airways (ntu) / Libyan Arba (ntu)
75 Pacific Western Airlines
76 Trans Australian
77 Ansett Airlines
78 B.W.I.A
79 Saturn Airlines
80 Bankers Trust (TWA)
81 All Nippon Airways
82 T.A.P - Air Portugal
83 S.A.S
84 Olympic Airways
85 American Flyers
86 Iran Air
87 Aerolineas Argentinas
89 Toa Domestic / Japan Air System
90 Alaska Airlines
91 Frontier Airlines
92 Air Asia / Air America
93 Pacific Air Lines / Air California
94 Syrian Arab Airlines / Syrianair
95 Northeast Airlines
96 Quebecair
97 Aloha Airlines
98 Air Zaire
99 British Caledonian
1A Martinair Holland
1B China Southern Airlines
1C Government of Romania
1H Emirates
1K Airtours International Airways Ltd.
1L China Xinjiang Airlines
1M Oman Air
1Q Tombo Aviation Inc.
1R Virgin Atlantic Airways
1S Deutsche BA
1U BBJ Customer
2A Hawaiian Airlines
2C Air UK Leisure
2J Arab Leasing
2K Turkmenistan Airlines / Akhal
2L Azerbaijan Airlines
2Q Ukraine International Airlines
2R Pegasus Airlines
2T BBJ Customer
2U JABJ / Picton II Ltd. (BBJ Customer)
3A Ansett Worldwide (AWWAS) / Nordstress Ltd.
3B Air Mauritius
3C Euralair International
3N American Trans Air
3P Uzbekistan Airways
3Q Boeing (BBJ Customer)
3R Western Pacific Airlines
3S Pembroke Capital
3T Real Estate Exchange Inc. (BBJ Customer)
3U Chartwell Aircraft Company (BBJ Customer)
3V Easyjet Airline Co Ltd.
4A United Parcel Service - UPS
4K Air Nippon
4N China United Airlines
4P Hainan Airlines
4Q Mid East Jet
4S GB Airways
4T GECAS (BBJ Customer)
4U Air Shamrock (BBJ Customer)
4V BBJ Customer
5A Presidential Airways
5B Germania
5C Xiamen Airlines
5D LOT - Polish Airlines
5E EVA Air
5F GATX Capital Corp
5H Itochu AirLease Corp.
5N Shandong Airlines
5P Air Europa
5R Jet Airways (India)
5S CSA - Czech Airlines
5T First Union Commercial Corp. (BBJ Customer)
5U Dobro Ltd. (BBJ Customer)
5V General Electric Corporation (BBJ)
6B Cal Air / Novair International Airways
6D Shanghai Airlines
6J Air Berlin
6K Vietnam Airlines Corporation
6M Virgin Express
6N GE Capital Aviation (GECAS)
6Q Boullion Aircraft Holding
6R Wuhan Airlines
7A Far Eastern Air Transport
7B Air Holland
7C Japanesse Self Defence Force
7D Air Seychelles
7G Malev - Hungarian Airlines
7K Zhongyuan Airlines
7Q Novel Leasing Company
7U Atlas Air
8A Air 2000 Limited
8B Istanbul Airlines
8E Asiana Airlines
8J Tarom
8N Chilean Air Force
8S China Xinjiang Airlines
9D Linjeflyg
9H Leisure International
9J Shorouk Air
9K Shenzen Airlines
9L Air China
9M Air Austral
9N Mid East Jet
9P China Eastern Airlines
9R Pro Air
9T BBJ Customer
9U Wilmot Trust company (BBJ Customer)
A0 Lloyd Aereo Boliiviano
A3 Pluna
A4 Air California
A6 Essex International / LTV Capital
A7 Trans Caribbean
A8 Indian Airlines
A9 Transair Canada
B1 DETA Mozambique / LAM
B2 Air Madagascar
B3 U.T.A
B4 M.E.A
B5 Korean Air
B6 Royal Air Maroc
B7 Allegheny / USAir / US Airways
C0 GATX / Boothe
C3 Cruzeiro do Sul
C9 Luxair
D1 Universal Airlines
D3 ALIA - Royal Jordanian Airlines
D4 Ozark Airlines
D6 Air Algerie
D7 Thai Airways International
E0 Dubai Air Wing (BBJ Customer)
E0 Dubai Air Wing
E1 Eastern Provincial
E7 Arkia
F1 Air New Zealand (ntu)
F2 THY - Turkish Airlines
F5 Government of Portugal / Portuguese Air Force
F6 Philippine Airlines
F8 Royal Nepal Airways
F9 Nigeria Airways
G1 Government of Saudi Arabia
G4 United States Air Force
G5 L.T.S / L.T.U.
G7 America West Airlines
H2 I.T.T
H3 Tunis Air
H4 Southwest Airlines
H5 Mey Air
H6 Malaysian Airlines
H7 Cameroon Airlines
H9 J.A.T - Jugoslav Airlines
J0 Air Jamaica
J1 Dominicana
J4 Sterling Airways
J6 C.A.A.C / Air China
J7 National Aircraft Leasing
J8 Sudan Airways
J9 Iranian Air Force
K1 Tarom / Romanian Government
K2 Transavia / KLM
K3 Aviogenex
K5 Hapag Lloyd
K9 Bavaria Flug
L4 American Capital Aviation
L5 Libyan Arab Airlines
L6 Aviation Services & Support
L7 Air Nauru
L8 Government of Yugoslavia
L9 Maersk Air
M0 ARIA - Aeroflot Russian International Airlines
M1 Pelita Air Service
M2 TAAG - Angola Airlines
M6 Royal Brunei
M7 Hughes Air West
M8 Trans European Airways
M9 Zambia Airways
N0 Air Zimbabwe
N1 Government of Venezuela
N3 Government of Brazil
N6 Government of Nigeria
N7 Government of Egypt N8 Yemen Airways
N9 Government of Niger / Air Niger
P1 Goverment of Qatar
P3 HRH Talal bin Abdul Aziz (BBJ Customer)
P5 Thai Airways
P6 Gulf Air
P8 Bahrain Amiri Flight Q2 Air Gabon
Q3 Southwest Air Lines / Japan TransOcean
Q4 Transbrasil
Q5 Government of Liberia / Air Liberia
Q8 I.L.F.C
Q9 Itel Corp.
R1 Government of Cameroon
R4 Alyemda
R6 Air Guinee
R7 Cargolux Airline International
R8 Air Tanzania
S1 TACA International Airlines
S2 Federal Express
S3 Air Europe / Sunrock Capital Corp.?
S4 Air Afrique
S5 Eldorado Aviation
S7 North Central Airlines / Republic Airlines
S9 Maritime Investment
T0 Texas Air Corp / Continental Airlines
T2 Dome Petroleum
T3 Evergreen
T4 Air Florida
T5 Orion Airways
T7 Monarch Airlines
T8 Polaris Leasing
T9 Boeing
U3 Garuda Indonesia
U4 OSL Villa Holidays
U5 Government of Jordan
U8 Kenya Airways
U9 Polynesian Airlines
V3 COPA Airlines
V5 Bahamasair
V6 Petrolair Systems SA
V8 Air Executive / Busy Bee
W0 China Yunnan Airlines
W2 Aerotour
W6 Government of Morocco
W8 NOGA Import
X2 Air Pacific
X3 Air Charter International
X4 Supair
X6 Markair
X8 Wistair Corp
X9 Indonesian Air Force
Y0 G.P.A Group
Y4 Rafic B Hariri (Saudi customer)
Y5 Air Malta
Y9 Air Malawi
Z0 China Southwest
Z5 United Arab Emirates Royal Flight
Z6 Royal Thai Air Force
Z8 South Korean Air Force
Z9 Lauda Air
AB AB Airlines
AD Eastwind Airlines
AH BBJ Customer
AJ BBJ Customer
AK Privitair (BBJ Customer)
AN Saudi OGER (BBJ Customer)
AR Taiwan Air Force
AS Ryanair
AV Newsflight II Inc. (BBJ Customer)
AW BBJ Customer
BC Boeing NetJets (BBJ Customer)
BD AirTran Airways Inc.
BF Funair Corp. (BBJ Customer)
BG Flightlease AG
BH BBJ Customer
BJ Atlas Air (BBJ Customer)
BK CIT Leasing Corp.
BS North American Airlines
BX Midway Airlines
CB Hawaiian Airlines
CG GKW Aviation LLC (BBJ Customer)
CJ BBJ One Inc. (BBJ Customer)
CM Aerolineas de Baleares Aebal
CN Privatair (BBJ Customer)
CP Ford Motor Company (BBJ Customer)
CQ JMC Airlines Limited
CT Westjet
CU Tutor-Saliba corp. (BBJ Customer)
CX GATX - Flightlease
DF BBJ Customer
DM BBJ Customer
DO BBJ Customer
DP BBJ Customer
DR Multiflight (BBJ2 Customer)
DT BBJ Customer
DV Lowa Ltd. (BBJ2 Customer)
DW BBJ Customer
DX Kazakhstan Airlines
EA Azteca Airlines
EC Dubai Air Wing (BBJ2 Customer)
ED BBJ Customer
EF BBJ2 Customer
EG Samsung Aerospace (BBJ Customer)
EJ Grupo Omnilife S.A. de C.V. (BBJ Customer)
EL Swiflite Aircraft Corporation (BBJ Customer)
EM BBJ Customer
EQ BBJ2 Customer
ES Royal Australian Air Force (BBJ Customer)
ET BBJ Customer
EV BBJ2 Customer
EX BBJ2 Customer
FB BBJ Customer
FD BBJ Customer
FE Virgin Blue

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Lockheed L-1011 Tristar Version Codes (many thanks to "Tom at MSY" and his perusal of the "L-1011 Airliner Tech Series book")

L(Lockheed) 1011 (model) 385 (something to do with the design number) 1(subtype, 1 for standard body, 3 for the 500) 14 (version, not on Tristar 1 or 500, 11=Tristar 50, 14=100/150, 15=200) 193A (customer code, 193A=Eastern, 193B=Eastern 193C= British Airways, 193E=Air Canada, 193K=Court Line, 193R=LTU, etc).

L-1011-1: basic model, with RB 211-22B, max gross weight was 430,000 lbs
L-1011-100: max gross weight 466,000 lbs, allowed center section fuel tanks
L-1011-200: same as -100, but had RB 211-524 engines
L-1011-500: long range version subtracted 13' of fuselage, added 9' to wingspan

With regards to the -385, to quote directly from the book: "In addition to the dash numbers, you may see numbers such as L-1011-385-1, which refer to the FEderal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification designation for a particular model L-1011. These numbers include 385-1, 385-1-14, 385-1-15, and 385-3".

Just to throw one more wrench into this, 3 designations that never got built:

L1011-385-8M, DC-10-30 competitor, never got built, pity...
L1011-385-4 Tristar 600, Twin Engine
L1011-385-9C, sometimes called L1011-700, L1011 for mid-80s introduction with FBW, GE/RR/PW engine options, winglets on some drawings... Lockheed MD-11 competitor. design never progressed beyond drawing board, killed with L1011 program in early 80s.

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Boeing Acronyms

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A/C Air Conditioning
A/C Aircraft
A/R Altitude Rate
ACARS ARINC Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACE Actuator Control Electronics
ACESS Advance Cabin Entertainment and Service System
ACM Air Cycle Machine
ACMP Alternating Current Motor Pump (See also ACMP)
ACMS Airplane Conditioning Monitoring System
ACP Audio Control Panel
ADF Automatic Direction Finder
ADI Attitude Director Indicator
ADIRS Air Data Inertial Reference System
ADIRU Air Data Inertial Reference Unit
ADL Airborne Data Loader
ADM Air Data Module
ADP Air Driven Pump
ADRS Address
ADS Air Data Systems
ADU Air Drive Unit
AEM Audio Entertainment Multiplexer
AFDC Air Flight Data Control
AFDS Autopilot Flight Director System
AFL Air Flow
AIDS Airborne Integrated Data System
AIMS Airplane Information Management System
AMU Audio Management Unit
ANCMT Announcement
ANCPT Anticipate
ANCPTR Anticipator
ANS Ambient Nose Sensor
ANTI-COLL Anti-Collision
AOA Angle of Attack
AOC Air/Oil Cooler
APB Auxiliary Power Breaker
APID Airplane Identification
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
ARINC Aeronautical Radio Incorporated
ASA Autoland Status Annunciator
ASCPC Air Supply Cabin Pressure Controller
ASCTS Air Supply Control and Test System
ASCTU Air Supply Control and Test Unit
ASP Audio Select Panel
AVM Airborne Vibration Monitor
BDY BLK Burndy Block
BFE Buyer Furnished Equipment
BPCU Bus Power Control Unit
BSCU Brake System Control Unit
BST Boost
BTB Bus Tie Breaker
BTLCS Brake Torque Limiting Control System
BTMU Brake Temperature Monitor Unit
C Cold
CACTS Cabin Air Conditioning & Temperature Control System
CADS Central Air Data System
CALIB Calibrator
CAP Capture
CAP Contact Authorized Proposal
CAPC Cabin Area Control Panel
CAPT Captain
CCA Central Control Actuator
CCL Cargo Control Logic
CCM Cargo Control Module
CCU Cargo Control Unit
CDU Control Display Unit
CFDS Centralized Fault Detection System
CFE Customer Furnished Equipment
CHKPT Checkpoint
CHSP Course Heading Select Panel
CIC Cabin Interphone Controller
CIWS Central Instrument Warning System
CMC Central Maintenance Computer
CMM Component Maintenance Manual
CMS Cabin Management System
COC* Customer Originated Change
COF MKR Coffee Maker
COLL Collision
COM/NAV Communication/Navigation
COR Corrector
CP Control Panel
CPCS Cabin Pressure Control System
CRKG Cranking
CSB Compressor Stability Bleed
CSMU Cabin System Management Unit
CT Control Transformer
CTC Cabin Temperature Controller
CTS Cabin Temperature Selector
CTS Conversational Terminal System
CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder
DAA Digital/Analog Adapter
DADC Digital Air Data Computer
DAR Digital Aids Recorder
DED Dead Ended Shield
DEL Diagram Equipment List
DFCS Digital Flight Control System
DFDAU Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit
DFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder
DH Decision Height
DIU Digital Interface Unit
DMU Data Management Unit
DP Differential Protection
DPA Digital Pre-Assembly
DPCT Differential Protective Current Transformer
DPLY Deploy
DSP Display Select Panel
E/E Electrical/Electronics
EADI Electronic Attitude Director Indicator
ECS Environmental Control System
EDIU Engine Data Interface Unit
EDP Engine Driven Pump
EEC Electronic Engine Control (Unit)
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System
EHSI Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator
EICAS Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System
EIU EFIS/EICAS Interface Unit
ELCCR* Electrical Liaison Change Commitment Record
ELCU Electrical Load Control Unit
ELMS Electrical Load Management System
EMP Electric Motor Pump (See also ACMP)
ENTMT Entertainment
ENWY Entryway
EPR Engine Pressure Ratio
EPRL Engine Pressure Ratio Limit
ESCC Electrical Supply and Control Center
ESNTL Essential
ESS Essential
ETC Electronic Temperature Control
ETOPS Extended Twin (Engine) Operations
EXCHR Exchanger
EXTD Extend
F/D Flight Director
F/E Flight Engineer
F/F Fuel Flow
F/O First Officer
FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control
FAFC Full Authority Fuel Control
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations
FBW Fly-by-Wire
FCC Flight Control Computer
FCU Flap Control Unit
FDAU Flight Data Acquisition Unit
FLMTR Flowmeter
FMC Flight Management Computer
FMCS Flight Management Computer System
FMU Fuel Metering Unit
FMV Fuel Metering Valve
FOC Fuel/Oil Cooler
FQIS Fuel Quantity Indication System
FQPU Fuel Quantity Processor Unit
FSEU Flap/Slat Electronics Unit
GCB Generator Circuit Breaker
GCR Generator Control Relay
GCU Generator Control Unit
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
GS Glide Slope
GSB Ground Service Bus
GSPR Gasper
H Hot
HLCU High Lift Control Unit
HMU Hydromechanical Unit
HND Hand
HPC High Pressure Compressor (N2 Rotor)
HPSOV High Pressure Shutoff Valve
HPT High Pressure Turbine
HYDIM Hydraulic Interface Module
HYQUIM Hydraulic Quantity Interface Module
HZ Hertz (Cycles Per Second)
IBIT Initiated Built In Test
IBVSU Instrument Bus Voltage Sense Unit
IDG Integrated Drive Generator
IDS Integrated Display System
ILES Inboard Leading Edge Station
INS Inertial Navigation System
INTC Interconnect
IOEU Inboard Overhead Electronics Unit
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalog
IPL Illustrated Parts List
IRS Inertial Reference System
JPR Jumper
KHZ Kilohertz
KVA Kilovolt Ampere
LGHTNG Lightning
LMP Lamp
LO Lock Out
LP Lightning Protector
LPT Low Pressure Turbine
LRRA Low Range Radio Altimeter
LRU Line Replaceable Unit
LSDA Low Speed Digital To Analog
M Mach
M MUX Main Multiplexer
MAI Multiplexer Action Item
MAWEA Modularized Avionics and Warning Electronics Assy
MC* Master Change
MCDP Maintenance Control and Display Panel
MCDU Multipurpose Control and Display Unit
MCP Mode Control Panel
MGSCU Main Gear Steering Control Unit
MHRS Magnetic Heading Reference System
MHZ Megahertz
MIDU Multipurpose Interactive Display Unit
MKR BCN Marker Beacon
MLS Microwave Landing System
MNFST Manifest
MOSFET Metallic Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MR* Modification Revision
MTCHG Matching
MTG Muting
NBR Number
ND Navigation Display
NGT Night
OAP Output Audio Processor
OFCR Officer
OFL Outflow
OMS Outboard Maintenance System
OOEU Outboard Overhead Electronics Unit
OPAS Overhead Panel ARINC 629 System
OPBC Overhead Panel Bus Controller
OVDR Overdoor
OVFL Overfill
OVHT Overheat
OVWG Overwing
PA Passenger Address
PA/CI Passenger Address/Cabin Interphone
PCH Patch
PCT Percent
PDU Power Drive Unit
PES Passenger Entertainment System
PEPC Primary External Power Contactor
PFC Primary Flight Computer
PFD Primary Flight Display
PFIDS Passenger Flight Information Display System
PIS Passenger Information Sign
PKG Parking
PMA Permanent Magnet Alternator
PMG Permanent Magnet Generator
PMS Performance Management System
POR Point of Regulation
PRCLR Precooler
PROT Protection
PRR* Production Revision Record
PRSOV Pressure Regulating Shut-Off Valve
PSA Power Supply Assembly
PSEU Proximity Switch Electronics Unit
PSU Passenger Service Unit
PTT Press To Talk/Push To Talk
PVD Paravisual Display
PYL Pylon
QAR Quick Access Recorder
QDT Quadrantal
RAT Ram Air Turbine
RDMI Radio Distance Magnetic Indicator
RDP Roller Drive Power
RDU Remote Display Unit
REP Repellent
RFLNG Refueling
RGLTN Regulation
RMCP Radio Management Control Panel
RR* Rapid Revision
RST Reset
RSV Reserve
RTC Rudder Trim Control
RVSG Reversing
RVT Rotational Variable Transformer
SAARU Standby Attitude/Air Data Reference Unit
SAT Static Air Temperature
SATCOM Satellite Communications
SB* Service Bulletin
SCF System Cardfile
SCM Spoiler Control Module
SCU Seat Control Unit
SDI Source Destination Identifier
SEB Seat Electronics Box
SEB/ST Seat Electronics Box With Self Test
SEI Standby Engine Instruments
SEU Seat Electronics Unit
SHVR Shaver
SL* Service Letter
SN Sign
SO Shut-off
SO Standard Option
SPL Splice List
SRM Stabilizer Trim/Rudder Ratio Module
SUP-NUM Supernumerary
SVU Seat Video Unit
SWDL Software Data Loader
SWL Sidewall
T/M Torque Motor
T/R Thrust Reverser
TAI Thermal Anti-Ice
TAT Total Air Temperature
TBV Turbine Bypass Valve
TCA Turbine Cooling Air
TCAS Traffic Collision Avoidance System
TCC Turbine Case Cooling
TDL Time Delay Logic
TDX Torque Differential Transmitter
TERM BLK Terminal Block
TGT Turbine Gas Temperature
THSHD, THR Threshold
TL Tilt
TLA Thrust Lever Angle
TMC Thrust Management Computer
TMS Thrust Management System
TO Turn-off
TPIS Tire Pressure Indication System
TPMU Tire Pressure Monitor Unit
TR Torque Receiver
TR Transformer Rectifier
TRA Thrust Resolver Angle
TRC Thermatic Rotor Control
TRU Transformer Rectifier Unit
TS Terminal Strip
TTG Time To Go
TURB Turbulence
TX Torque Transmitter
UNLK Unlock
VBV Variable Bypass Valve
VCC Video Control Center
VES Video Entertainment System
VGH Velocity, Gravity, Height
VIGV Variable Inlet Guide Vane
VLV Valve
VSI Vertical Speed Indicator
VSV Variable Stator Vane
VTY Vanity
W/A Wrap Around
WAI Wing Anti-Ice
WBA Wire Bundle Assembly
WEU Warning Electronic Unit
WF Fuel Flow (Weight of Fuel)
WF or wf Weight of Fuel
WHCU Window Heat Control Unit
WIU Wire Integration Unit
WXR Weather Radar
XFD Crossfeed
XNT Transient
XPC External Power Contactor
XPNDR Transponder
ZMU Zone Management Unit

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Airbus Acronyms

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ABN - Abnormal
ACARS - ARINC Communications and Reporting System
ACM - Air Cycle Machine
ACP - Audio Control Panel
ACT - Additional Center Tank
ADIRS - Air Data Inertial Reference System
ADIRU - Air Data Inertial Reference Unit
ADM - Air Data Module
ADR - Air Data Reference
ADV - Advisory
AEVC - Avionics Equipment Ventilation Controller
AFS - Auto Flight System
AIDS - Aircraft Integrated Data System
AIU - Audio Interface Unit
AMU - Audio Management Unit
ANP - Actual Navigation Performance
APPU - Asymmetry Position Pick Off Unit
APU - Auxiliary Power Unit
ARPT - Airport
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
ASI - Air Speed Indicator
A/SKID - Anti-Skid
ATE - Automated Test Equipment
A/THR - Auto Thrust
ATS - Auto Thrust System
ATSU - Air Traffic Service Unit
AWY - Airway


B - Blue
BARO - Barometric
BCL - Battery Charge Limiter
BCDS - Bite Centralized Data System
BFO - Beat Frequency Oscillator
BIU - Bite Interface Unit
BMC - Bleed Monitoring Computer
BNR - Binary
BRK - Brake
BSCU - Brake Steering Control Unit
BTC - Bus Tie Contactor


CBMS - Circuit Breaker Monitoring System
CFDIU - Centralized Fault Data Interface Unit
CFDS - Centralized Fault Display System
CHC - Cargo Heat Controller
CHG - Change
CIDS - Cabin Intercommunication Data System
C/L - Checklist
CO RTE - Company Route
CONF - Configuration (Flaps/Slats)
CPC - Cabin Pressure Controller
CPCU - Cabin Pressure Controller Unit
CRC - Continuous Repetitive Chime
CRG - Cargo
CSCU - Cargo Smoke Control Unit
CSM/G - Constant Speed Motor/Generator
CSTR - Contraint
CTL PNL - Control Panel
CVR - Cockpit Voice Recorder


DA - Drift Angle
DAR - Digital AIDS Recorder
DDRMI - Digital Distance and Radio Magnetic Indicator
DFA - Delayed Flap Approach
DIR TO - Direct To
DITS - Digital Information Transfer System
DMC - Display Management Computer
DSDL - Dedicated Serial Data Link
DU - Display Unit


ECAM - Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring
ECB - Electronic Control Box (APU)
ECM - Engine Conditioning Monitoring
ECON - Economic
ECP - ECAM Control Panel
ECS - Environmental Control System
ECU - Engine Control Unit
EDP - Engine Driven Pump
EEC - Electronic Engine Computer
EFCS - Electronic Flight Control System
EFIS - Electronic Flight Instrument System
EFOB - Estimated Fuel On Board
EIU - Engine Interface Unit
EIS - Electronic Instruments System
ELAC - Elevator Aileron Computer
EMER GEN - Emergency Generator
EO - Engine Out
EPE - Estimated Position Error
EGPWS - Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
ESS - Essential
EST - Estimated
ETE - Estimated Time Enroute
ETP - Equal Time Point
EVMU - Engine Vibration Monitoring Unit
E/WD - Engine/Warning Display
EXT PWR - External Power
EXTN - Extension


FAC - Flight Augmentation Computer
FADEC - Full Authority Digital Engine Control
FAP - Forward Attendant Panel
FAV - Fan Air Valve
F/C - Flight Crew
FCDC - Flight Control Data Concentrator
FCU - Flight Control Unit
FD - Flight Director
FDIU - Flight Data Interface Unit
FDU - Fire Detection Unit
FF - Fuel Flow
FGC - Flight Guidance Computer
FIDS - Fault Isolation and Detection System
FLSCU - Fuel Level Sensing Control Unit
FLT CTL - Flight Control
FLX/MCT - Flex/Maximum Continuous Thrust
FMA - Flight Mode Annunciator
FMGC - Flight Management Guidance Envelope Computer
FMGS - Flight Management Guidance Envelope System
F-PLN - Flight Plan
FPA - Flight Path Angle
FPD - Flight Path Director
FPPU - Feedback Position Pick-off Unit
FPV - Flight Path Vector
FQI/FQU - Fuel Quantity Indication/Unit
FQIC - Fuel Quantity Indication Computer
FRT - Front
FRV - Fuel Return Valve
FT/MN - Feet per Minute
FU - Fuel Used
FWC - Flight Warning Computer
FWS - Flight Warning System


G - Green
GCU - Generator Control Unit
GLC - Generator Line Contactor
GNADIRS - Global Navigation Air Data Inertial Reference System
GPCU - Ground Power Control Unit
GRND - Ground
GRP - Geographic Reference Point
GRVTY - Gravity


H - Hour, Hot
HCU - Hydraulic Control Unit
HDG/S - Heading Selected
HDL - Handle
HLD - Hold
HMU - HydroMechanical Unit
HPV - High Pressure Valve


IDG - Integrated Drive Generator
IGN - Ignition
IMM - Immediate
INB - Inbound
INBO - Inboard
INCREM - Increment
INIT - Initialization
INR - Inner
INTCP - Intercept
I/O - Input/Output
I/P - Input or Intercept Profile
IP - Intermediate Pressure
IPC - Intermediate Pressure Checkvalve
IPPU - Intermediate Position Pick-off Unit
ISIS - Integrated Standby Instrument System
ISOL - Isolation




LAF - Load Alleviation Function
LAT - Latitude
LAT REV - Lateral Revision
LCN - Load Classification Number
L/G - Landing Gear
LGCIU - Landing Gear Control Interface Unit
LGPIU - Landing Gear Position Indicator Unit
LIS - Localizer Internal Smoothing
LK - Lock
LL - Latitude/Longitude
LLS - Left Line Select Key
LNAV - Lateral Navigation
LONG - Longitude
LRU - Line Replaceable Unit
LSK - Line Select Key
LVL - Level
LVL/CH - Level Change
LW - Landing Weight


M - Magenta, Mach, Meter
MAG DEC - Magnetic Declination
MAG VAR - Magnetic Variation
MAX CLB - Maximum Climb
MAX DES - Maximum Descent
MAX END - Maximum Endurance
MCDU - Multipurpose Control and Display Unit
MCU - Modular Concept Unit
MDA - Minimum Descent Altitude
MECH - Mechanic
MFA - Memorized Fault Annunciator
MLS - Microwave Landing System
MMR - Multi-Mode Receiver
MN - Mach Number
MRIU - Maintenance and Recording Interface Unit
MSA - Minimum Safe Altitude
MSU - Mode Selector Unit


N - Normal, North
NAVAID - Navigation Aid (VOR/DME)
ND - Navigation Display
NW - Nose Wheel


OBRM - On Board Replaceable Module
OFF/R - Off Reset
OFST - Offset
O/P - Output
OPP - Opposite
OPT - Optimum
OUTB - Outboard
OUTR - Outer
OVBD - Overboard
OVSPD - Overspeed


P-ALT - Profile Altitude
pb - Push Button
PBD - Place/Bearing/Distance Waypoint
PBX - Place-Bearing/Place-Bearing Waypoint
PC - Pack Controller
P-CLB - Profile Climb
P-DES - Profile Descent
PDU - Pilot Display Unit
PFD - Primary Flight Display
PHC - Probe Heat Computer
P-MACH - Profile Mach
POB - Pressure Off Brake
PPOS - Present Position
P-SPEED - Profile Speed
PPU - Position Pick-off Unit
PR - Pressure
PRED - Prediction
PROC - Procedure
PROC T - Procedure Turn
PROF - Profile
PROTEC - Protection
PRT - Printer
PT - Point
PTU - Power Transfer Unit


QRH - Quick Reference Handbook
QT - Quart


R - Right, Red
RACC - Rotor Active Clearance Control
RAT - Ram Air Turbine
RCDR - Recorder
RCH - Small unit of measurement
RCL - Recall
RCVR - Receiver
R/I - Radio/Inertial
RLSK - Right Line Select Key
RMP - Radio Management Panel
RNG - Range
RNP - Required Navigational Performance
RPTG - Repeating
RQRD - Required
RSV - Reserves
RTOW - Regulatory TakeOff Weight


S - Slat Retraction Speed, South
SC - Single Chime
S/C - Step Climb
SD - System Display
sel - Selector
STAT INV - Static Inverter
S/D - Step Descent
SDAC - System Data Acquisition Concentrator
SDCU - Smoke Detection Control Unit
SEC - Spoiler Elevator Computer
SFCC - Slat Flap Control Computer
SLT - Slat
SPD LIM - Speed Limit
SPLR - Spoiler
SRS - Speed Reference System
STEER - Steering
STS - Status
sw - Switch
SWTG - Switching
SYNC - Synchronize


T - Temperature
TGT - Target
THR - Thrust
THS - Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer
TK - Tank, Track Angle
TKE - Track Angle Error
TMR - Timer
TLA - Thrust Lever Angle
TOGW - TakeOff Gross Weight
TOW - TakeOff Weight
T-P - Turn Point
T-R - Transmitter-Receiver
TROPO - Tropopause
TRU - Transformer Rectifier Unit
TTG - Time To Go


UFD - Unit Fault Data
ULB - Underwater Locator Beacon
UNLK - Unlock
UTC - Universal Coordinated Time


VBV - Variable Bypass Valve
VC Calibrated Airspeed
V/DEV - Vertical Deviation
VEL - Velocity
VFE - Max Flaps Extended Speed
VM - Maneuvering Speed
VMIN - Minimum Operating Speed
VNAV - Vertical Navigation
VSC - Vacuum System Controller
VSV - Variable Stator Vane


W - White, West, Weight
WAI - Wing Anti-Ice
WBC - Weight and Balance Computer
WHC - Window Heat Computer
WTB - Wing Tip Brake
WXR - Weather Radar


XCVR - Transceiver
XFR - Transfer


Y - Yellow


ZC - Zone Controller
ZFCG - Zero Fuel Center of Gravity

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ILS Categories and Information

- Cat.I - 200 feet DH - 2,400 feet (or 1,800 feet) RVR - Metric: 800 metres of 550 meters RVR...
- Cat II Restricted - 150 feet DH - 1,600 feet RVR - Metric: 500 metres RVR
- Cat II - 100 feet DH - 1,200 feet RVR - Metric: 350 metres RVR
- Cat.IIIa - 700 feet RVR - no DH (alert height generally 50 feet) - Metric: 250 meters RVR
- Cat.IIIb - 600 feet RVR - no DH (alert height generally 35 feet) - Metric: 175 metres RVR
- Cat.IIIc - zero ceiling, zero visibility - "blind" landing...

RVR is Runway Visual Range, basically a distance in feet that the pilot can expect to see forward in his airplane. The ILS equipment at the airport must be certified for it, as well as aircraft type (actually individual aircraft) and crew have to be certified.

Alert Height (AH) is not like a Decision Height (DH) -
At "DH" (obtained from radio altimeter for Cat.II) you have to make a DECISION to land or go-around...  In Cat.III operations, there is no DH... but you have to make a decision to land based on "what you see"... pilots find the DH "decision" very convenient for Cat.II, but did not exist for Cat.III...

So in "pratical operations", the AH is used somewhat like a DH, but is not regulatory. In other terms, we expect to "see the runway" at that point... which is about 50 feet radio altimeter, just about where the runway threshold is located, in Cat.IIIa minimums. In Cat.IIIb, happens at about 35 feet...

Many 747 are equipped for Cat.IIIa operations (not Cat.IIIb), although most of the "Classic" 747s (with 3 autopilot channels) have the LRCU that is required for Cat.IIIb... LRCU = landing roll control unit... keeps the nose wheel on the center line, using the localizer.

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Live ATC on the Web

Listen to Live ATC from various towers and approach controls.

JFK Tower - Media Player/Winamp

JFK Approach/Departure
- Media Player/Winamp

Abilene Regional Airport, Texas - Real Player

Atlanta Center (Macey) - Integrated on web page
Bankstown Tower, Australia - Real Player

Battle Creek, Michigan - Real Player

Boston Logan Tower - Media Player/Winamp

Denver Centennial Airport, Colorado - Real Player

Portland, OR - Real Player

San Diego, CA, Lindbergh Field - Real Player

Sea-Tac, Seattle, WA - Real Player
Seattle, Boeing Field - Real Player
Southern California Approach - Real Player

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